Sons Of Hell Chester History


The origins of the Sons Of Hell MC Start back in Sheffield in 1970. Originally founded by Yorky, The club was originally nicknamed the Knife and Fork Gang due to its distinctive knife and crossed pitch fork centre patch.


Moving from Sheffield to Manchester brought a lot of changes to the club. Including the appearance of the Winged Death head we call Albert. The club merged with the Animal Vikings bringing new members such as Arab and others who are still members of the Manchester mother club today.

Originally red on white, the club colours changed to Black and White in 1990 followed in 1993 with a centre patch redesign by longstanding Manchester member Micky. Alongside Gonzo, Dusty, Bleep, Fly, Powk to name just a few of the dedicated members that have built the club into what it is today. One of the oldest independent Motorcycle Clubs in the UK with chapters spanning all across the North West. Celebrating 50 years in April 2020.

The Saddle Inn, Chester

For a more detailed history of the Sons of Hell and the clubs origins. Check out long standing member Powk’s Website here